Yes!!! At last we can talk about what we have been working on for close to 18 months - “San Diego” - that was the code name for what is now “Microsoft Cloud Platform System” (CPS), which was announced earlier today by Scott Guthrie.

These 18 months have been a journey for all of us in the product group. It began, as all journeys should, as conversations with our customers. What followed has evolved how we think about and engineer our products. We were struck by the large number of customers who were failing to realize the benefits of the cloud. Running one of the largest public clouds, Microsoft Azure, we know what it takes to build and run a cloud, and we wanted to see how to take these learnings, be it architectural, design, operations, or technology and help you benefit from it. We have learned a lot along the way, and want to pass on all the knowledge we have gathered onto you.  In essence, CPS is the culmination of this experience. With Dell as our partner, we are thrilled to bring an Azure-consistent cloud-in-a-box to your datacenter.


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